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The pattern of the last few years at Fowey has seen a growing number of small groups and individuals coming for retreat with specific needs for quiet, prayer, guidance, respite or teaching. We have been delighted to accommodate and assist wherever possible.

In terms of ‘led retreats’ this has often meant responding to particular requests and that, having proved very fruitful, will continue.

As a result, there will be no set programme of teaching retreats.

If you would like to bring a small group we would be very pleased to discuss your needs and tailor the retreat for you.

Last year we had groups on everything from the Mysteries of Light to the ministry of the Deacon.

All the teaching retreats listed below remain available. Individual retreatants remain most welcome and we will do everything possible to make your stay a time of restoration and encounter with God.






St Luke's Gospel

St. Paul, Teacher of the World, his life , ministry, mission and teaching

The Beloved Disciple -  John's Gospel. The key passages revealing who Jesus is

Mary - Mother of God, Motherof the Church

St. Peter the Fisherman, Prince of Apostles, Life, Letters and the Petrine Office

The Miracles of Jesus

The Parables of Jesus

The Minor Prophets - an introduction to the little known books

Elijah - great prophet of God

Love Letters to the Church (Ephesians/Colossians/Galatians)

Forty Days and Forty Nights (Lent)

The Rosary -  Gospel meditations on all the mysteries.

The Passion of Christ -meditations on the people, places, instruments and words from the Cross

Advent Themes

The Christmas Story - meditations on six key characters

 Priesthood- Old Testament, Apostolic, Christ's and ours

Judaism - an introduction

Islam - an introduction

Meditations on the Mass


Please email or phone to see how we can be of service.







Hear some of the talks or catch up with some of the sermons here and search for Robbie Low




Priests, Ministers and Religious

We have been happy to welcome you for ecumenical meetings, cell groups, quiet days and times of rest and relaxation and holiday. Please contact us if we can help you in any of these ways.



The Teaching and retreat programmes will be directed by Fr. Robbie Low and guest teachers.


Food and Drink

Convervatory - click here for a larger pictureAll very well the soul being fed but we aspire to look after the body too.

The weeks of the Courses and Retreats will be fully catered for breakfast and dinner with self- serve light lunch. We love cooking and have been keenly catering for home, family and parish events for 35 years. Both of us have requisite Food Safety qualifications and the retreat is Local Authority registered to serve food on these courses.