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About us

Robbie and Sara Low - click here for a larger versionWe love Fowey and wanted the House to give others the opportunity to enjoy Cornwall as we have and find the perfect place for holidays or quiet days and retreats.

The House will have a dual role:

  1. It is available most weeks for idyllic holidays
  2. It will be available for Christian retreats and quiet days and study days/weekends/weeks on Christian courses.

The Retreat is a perfect place for a quiet time away in prayer and study. We can only take small groups residentially (9 - 10) and hope to concentrate on giving that quiet, time and space for prayer, study and discernment.

Who are we?

Fr Robbie Low worked for 25 years in Church of England parishes (All Saints, Poplar , St. Alban’s Abbey and finally St. Peter’s, Bushey Heath). He taught, ministered, preached and gave spiritual direction in a wide variety of parishes, age groups and ecumenical settings.

Sara Low co-founded and edited, for its first twelve years, the leading and best selling Traditionalist magazine.

In 2004 they became Catholics.

Since 'coming home' they have been widely used in their local Catholic parish and have helped run courses including 'Catholic Alpha', 'How to read the Bible', 'An Introduction to St. Paul', 'An Introduction to St. Peter', 'A Day with Our Lady', 'A Day on Life'.  To hear a bit more of their story listen to 'The Journey Home'

In 2012, by special dispensation of the Holy Father, Fr. Robbie was ordained as a Catholic priest for the Deanery of Cornwall in the Diocese of Plymouth. Sara assists with the administration of the Bodmin Parish Centre and has earned her living for the last 30 years as a television researcher. They live about 6 miles away in Lostwithiel.

Why are we doing this?

Very simply we want the gifts God has given us, the house and the teaching ministry to be used to his glory in building up the life of His family, the Church.


Who might come?

Anyone who wants to study and grow in the Christian faith.We are Catholics but we have spent our lives working with Christians of all denominations and are keen for that to continue.