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Fr.Robbie Low

Born into a non-practising family in 1950, Robbie took himself to a Baptist Sunday School for five years which taught him a profound love of God's Word. After a traditional teenage lapsation he was converted and trained for the Anglican ministry where he trained and served for twenty seven years (Cambridge 1976-79, All Saint's, Poplar 1979-83, St.Alban's Abbey 1983-88 and Vicar of St. Peter's, Bushey Heath 1988-2003). At the Abbey he worked under the legendary Dean Peter Moore who brought Catholics, Orthodox, Methodists and Lutherans into the worshipping life of the Abbey and brought young people in from all over the world to International Christian Festivals.

In 2003 he resigned from his last parish, after fifteen very happy years there and returned home to Cornwall where he and his wife, Sara, were received into the Catholic Church along with their eldest son. Since 2005 he has been helping with teaching in his parish church St Mary's Bodmin as a parish catechist (RCIA, Confirmation, Adult Education). By special dispensation of the Holy Father  Robbie was ordained as a Catholic Priest for the Deanery of Cornwall in the Diocese of Plymouth in 2012.

For 35 years Fr.Robbie has been retreating, including Ignatian, and has led courses in his home parishes and others including several Alpha Courses and taken part in multi denominational missions throughout the British Isles.

He writes:

' Sara and I are delighted to be part of the Catholic community in Cornwall and we wanted to be able to offer the gift of the house and our talents in the service of God.

We are grateful for the support and encouragement of our Bishop and parish clergy in this adventure in faith.

One of the key things that strikes me about Christians in our land is that many are not very confident about our faith or the teachings of the Church. We would like to be able to encourage you to learn more about your faith, spend that vital time apart in prayer and waiting on God and go home refreshed and encouraged and help to build up the Church where you are. We look forward to welcoming you.'